July 17, 2012
cut (teen wolf rpf, dylan o’brien/tyler posey)

Dylan’s been on guard all morning, ever since Tyler got in his face and promised retribution for Dylan’s horrible crime of toast crumbs in the butter (“And then also toast crumbs in the jam? How, Dylan? Why?” Tyler had been so perturbed), even though Tyler followed up his threat by reminding him to grab a jacket because it was supposed to be cold today. Tyler could do that, there was a reason that Dylan did most of the cooking at their house and it was because Tyler’s best and only dish was revenge, and he served it cold most of the time, but also hot often enough to keep everyone on their toes. Mostly Dylan. 

The skittering nervousness in his heart has actually been a bit helpful, making it easier to reach the manic heights often demanded of Stiles. They already killed one scene in the morning and Dylan made it through lunch without Tyler conspiring with catering to like, jam and crumb him in the style of a tar and feathering, so Dylan’s feeling overconfident about his ability to make it through this day and this scene. It’s going well so far. He notices Colton lurking around behind the director, with his phone up like he’s filming them, but Colton is weird always, so who knows what’s going on. They’re on the third go of the scene, settling into it, and Dylan’s giving Tyler some Bambi eyes and trying a little extra sincerity on this take just for funsies. 

Dylan bats his eyelashes twice, says, “Do you wanna try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?”

Tyler pushes at his shoulder, grinning at him, but he doesn’t let Dylan stumble away, just follows him, backs him up to the wall of windows. Dylan has a good second to remember a more innocent time, when he thought ‘it’s fine, I’m the only one who uses the butter in the mornings anyway, he won’t even notice,’ and then Tyler kisses him.  

It’s a proper kiss, too, that is way Tyler’s tongue in his mouth, which Dylan probably deserves for gasping in shock like a scandalized maiden. And not that Dylan’s had a million kisses to compare it to, but it doesn’t really feel like he thinks a revenge kiss is supposed to. Tyler’s hands are fisted in Dylan’s hoodie, holding him to the wall, but the kiss goes from aggressive to kind of sweet pretty quickly, like now that Tyler’s kissing Dylan, he’s going to take his time with it, enjoy the experience. And it is a pretty enjoyable experience, Tyler’s a good kisser. Dylan lets himself be kissed, and even, god help him, lets himself like it.

Nice,” Colton says from a distance. It prompts Tyler to finally pull back, but not far.

“Next time,” Tyler says against his mouth, “just use a clean knife.”

Dylan inhales a breath. It stutters a bit on the way in, but at least Tyler didn’t leave him breathless. Just slightly breath-deficient. Tyler steps back, pats Dylan once on his blushing cheek. 

“Your revenge was dumb, because that was a nice kiss and I liked it,” Dylan says, trying for imperious as he very carefully straightens the strings of his hoodie. 

“That’s the revenge.” Tyler smiles brightly at him. “Now you’ll be helplessly in love with me.”

“I’m going to toast all the bread in the house and break it into pieces over your sheets while you sleep,” Dylan says. He feels kissed. Like the kiss wasn’t satisfied with how it left the earthly plane and is now a ghost, lingering against Dylan’s mouth. 

“Already thinking about me in bed,” Tyler says, with a pitying shake of his head. “They fall so quickly.”

“Putting this on YouTube,” Colton announces, waving his phone around, where the video of their kiss is replaying onscreen. “Gonna get five million hits and become internet famous.”

The director says, “Did you guys want to try another take, or?”

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