December 12, 2012
the devil made me do it (ot5 gen)

So I started this in late August, it was going to end up being a Liam gangbang but then this was the only part of it that ever got written. Oops. /o\ It’s a cute scene anyway, so let’s just pretend it’s a ficlet, and kind of a gen one apparently. Yay!!

The dressing room wasn’t the optimal place to hide, Liam realizes as soon as he gets in there, because Louis and Zayn would probably expect him to go there first. In fact, it was probably the most obvious place. So obvious they might think he was too smart for that, and skip it altogether? No, that wasn’t likely. “Help,” Liam says to Niall, looking frantically around for a place to hide. “They found out.”

Niall looks up from his phone. “They after you?”

“After my blood,” Liam says, trying to stress the importance of the situation to Niall. “I need to hide.” 

“Coat closet,” Niall says, gesturing to a door. Liam runs for it, pulls it open, and gets the door shut right as the dressing room door opens again with a clatter. 

“Of course he came in here,” says Louis, the sound muffled by the door, and the coats. Liam’s nose itches, but he will not sneeze, oh no, he will not. “It’s the most obvious place. Where else would he think to go?”

“He could have had a plan,” Zayn says. “He could have known we’d check here first. This could be a trap.”

“A trap with Niall?” Louis says, full of skepticism. “Niall wouldn’t be involved in any trap.”

“I wouldn’t,” Niall confirms. There’s a pause. Liam’s still manfully not sneezing. “Unless it was a hug trap.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” says Zayn. 

“It’s great,” Niall tells him. Over the pounding of his heart, Liam hears a shuffling, presumably Niall getting up off the couch to give Zayn a hug. “Innit?”

“Yeah,” says Zayn. “Good trap.”

“He’s probably halfway to Canada by now,” Louis says. “Maybe he’ll get lost in the Yukon and starve to death, beset by guilt over his villainy.”

“Maybe Harry knows where he is,” suggests Niall. “They could be on the way to the Yukon together.”

“A co-conspirator!” Louis explains. “Let’s find him and torture him for information!”

The dressing room door opens back up. “Where’s the Yukon?” is the last thing Liam hears Zayn asking before it shuts again. 

After a minute, the coat closet doorknob turns. Liam retracts within the tangle of coats, but it’s only Niall. Liam’s heart calms down a little. 

“I distracted them with a hug trap,” Niall says, looking proud of himself.

“Thank you, darling,” Liam says. He pulls Niall into a grateful hug. 

In a voice that’s the closest to smug that Liam’s ever heard from him, Niall says, “Everyone falls into the hug trap.” 

October 13, 2012


“No sorry, I don’t think my boyfriend would fancy that,” says Harry, muscling up next to Nick at the bar, a hand on Nick’s shoulder tugging him around. 

Nick blinks over from where he’s been getting them a third round and Harry’s closer than he expects, then much closer, then their lips are touching, which is close as they can get. Nick closes his eyes so they don’t cross from trying to focus. Harry’s hand cups the back of Nick’s neck, and he’s got his head tilted just perfectly so he can give Nick a proper kiss, licking into Nick’s mouth, dropped open from shock. Nick’s got enough of a buzz going that he gives back automatically, touching Harry’s jaw, slipping his hand back to tangle in Harry’s hair. When’s he ever said no to a drunken kiss anyway?

He keeps expecting Harry to pull back and Harry keeps not doing it, so Nick doesn’t stop either, not when it feels as good as this. Harry’s an excellent kisser, giving just enough and then letting Nick chase him a little. Harry scrapes his teeth over Nick’s lower lip, rubs his thumb over the short hair at the base of Nick’s skull. Someone bumps Nick from behind and he lets the momentum take him into Harry’s space, slipping a hand around Harry’s waist. Harry moans a little into his mouth, and Nick’s not sure who’s taking advantage of whose surprise anymore.

“Right, I get it,” comes a strange voice, and Nick breaks away, blinking at Harry, then at the stranger. The guy is cute as hell, honestly, and Nick’s not entirely sure why Harry wanted to come to a gay bar with Nick if he was going to turn down cute guys by pretending he was with Nick. Cute Guy rolls his eyes and turns back into the crowd.

“He was pushy,” Harry says. He still has his hands on Nick, and he takes his time easing them away. It’s getting a bit into caress territory, his hands on Nick’s shoulders. It feels good though, so Nick doesn’t shrug away. 

“Says the popstar who just attacked me with his tongue,” Nick points out. Their drinks are on the bar; Nick throws down a few notes and passes Harry his, not that Harry probably needs it. 

Harry just smiles a bit, takes a long sip, looks up at Nick through his eyelashes. And Nick starts - oh yes, just now - starts to get an inkling that maybe Harry’s not here to pull a stranger. 

October 13, 2012


“‘You mention 1D so much you must be in bed with their management,’” Nick read out on the air. “That tweet comes from @xrealxasxlarryx, thanks for that. I must say you’re close, but it’s not their management I’m in bed with, it’s One Direction themselves. The entire band. Very big bed. Thank you for letting that one through, LMC.”

“I thought it was just Harry,” Matt said, just loud enough for the mikes to pick up.

“Jealousy is unbecoming on you, Finchy,” Nick told him. “No, I’m lying. It actually looks quite fetching.”

“You’re fielding any calls we get about that comment,” Matt said. “I’m putting them straight through to you.”

He did. That was how Nick ended up in a California king bed, One Direction snuggled up around him for a Radio 1 photoshoot. Niall had immediately come in for a cuddle, resting his head against Nick’s chest and apparently deciding to have a nap since they were in a bed. Nick couldn’t really blame him, it was a comfortable bed. Harry had of course claimed Nick’s other side, and was currently making what he probably considered a subtle show of nudging Niall’s hand off of Nick’s chest. Zayn had reached across Harry’s side to rest his knuckles on Nick’s hip, which apparently Harry didn’t consider as much of a threat. There must have been some grand matrix in Harry’s head, a great big chart of who was allowed to touch Harry’s people according to the situation they were in, but Nick couldn’t begin to fathom it.  

“Could you sit up a bit, Nick?” said the photographer. “We’re going for the feeling that they all sort of belong to you. Harry, let’s really gaze at him.”

“As opposed to what he was doing before,” Louis muttered. Nick smiled at him, reached across Niall and rubbed at Louis’s collarbone through his t-shirt. The look Louis gave him wasn’t dissimilar to that of a hissing kitten. Beneath the blankets Harry slung a leg between Nick’s, then nuzzled Nick’s cheek as though even a second’s distraction from how he’d been carding a hand through Harry’s curls was far too much. 

“Niall, wake up,” Nick said, shaking Niall’s shoulder a bit. Niall did, blinking and shaking it off and smiling at Nick. The camera flashed. 

“Nick, really give me smug,” said the photographer. 

“Did you have another expression?” Louis asked Nick, blinking innocently at him. Behind him, Liam blithely pinched Louis’s nipple, making Louis curl up a bit and glare back at him. Liam sent a brilliant grin Nick’s way, and Nick matched it. 

“Don’t listen to him, he’s just cranky,” Harry said. He stroked his fingertips over Nick’s throat, and Nick turned to look at him. The view was nice, so he stayed there, smiling at Harry. Harry ducked his face into Nick’s shoulder, a bit shyly. 

“Yeah, possessive like that,” the photographer said. “But not just at Harry, at all of them. This is great.” Niall pecked Nick on the cheek, and another shot was snapped. “Harry, try to look less - uh, less homicidal, go back to the worshipful look. Good, good. Great stuff, you guys, keep it up.”

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October 10, 2012


“Thanks lads, I’ll be back as soon as I can!” Fearne said, and dashed away, leaving Nick literally holding the baby. A tiny baby, too. The littlest, tiniest baby. 

“Yes,” Harry said, hushed, like it had been his plan all along to acquire Fearne’s child. Might have been. Last time they’d been up north Anne had made noises about how fine real estate prices were in Manchester these days and mightn’t they need another place, just a little cottage or something, to be closer to their families? Nick had looked in Harry’s eyes and seen picket fences reflected in them. His whole future flashed before his eyes, and god help him, it looked like a really nice future. “She’s darling, isn’t she?” Harry said, hovering around Nick’s shoulder. He held out his little finger, and the little Fearnelet wrapped her tiny fingers round it. 

“Lovely,” Nick said, his mouth gone a little dry. Harry opened his arms, and Nick passed her over, rather awed at Harry’s absolute comfort with the little creature. Harry didn’t step away once he had the baby in his arms, just hung close to Nick, his elbows bumping Nick’s arms as he gently rocked the baby back and forth. When Harry looked up at him, eyes shining, Nick felt his heart melt a bit. Harry just seemed to keep doing that to him, melting his cold black stone of a heart, giving Nick wild thoughts of - well, a house near his family. A home to share. 

“I want eleven of them,” Harry said decisively. “A whole football team, what d’you think?”

“Good god, Styles,” Nick said, blinking at Harry in horror. “Eleven? Couldn’t we just start off with one, see how it goes?”

Harry grinned at him, a terrible, beautiful indication that Nick had tumbled into a most neatly laid trap. “We can absolutely start with just one,” he said. He jostled in closer to Nick, practically forcing Nick to reach out and touch the baby’s tiny, soft, adorable cheek. “I’d love one,” Harry said. Nick thought helplessly that he liked the way Harry looked holding a baby, all calm and serene-like. Content, Nick supposed. Content looked good on Harry.

“That was a trick,” Nick said weakly. “A reverse psychology thing, you bitch.” 

“Don’t swear around the baby,” said Harry, still smiling. He leaned in, the child a warm, fussing bundle between them, and kissed Nick on the corner of his mouth. 

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September 25, 2012
feel it in the morning (harry styles/nick grimshaw)


nina requested nick/harry in the changing room for that three sentence porn meme. i wrote 1902 words instead. this is explicit, obviously. also at AO3.

“What, did you think I just wanted you along for your keen fashion sense?” Harry asks, so quietly that Nick can barely hear him over the pounding of his heart, the pop music blaring over the shop speakers, and thank god too, because Harry’s out of his mind, dragging Nick into the changing room like this and demanding a shag. 

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September 16, 2012
shine a light through (harry styles/nick grimshaw)


986 words of Harry/Nick curtain!fic. you can pretend it’s ironic if that’ll help you sleep at night, god knows I will. ty to kayla for looking it over. also at AO3.

It’s just that Harry moaned one time about the early light through the windows, and it doesn’t make much difference to Nick anyway, he’ll be up before dawn soon enough on a daily basis.

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August 27, 2012
unfinished niall/harry/louis snippet

I started this around the same time I started Take The Edge Off, and had a whole big idea in mind, but I guess I got super distracted because I haven’t worked on it since May. Anyway, there’s some sexiness in here, and Lo wanted to read what I had, so here’s a 1200 word unfinished snippet if it pleases you. 

Listen, it’s not like Niall’s trying to break anyone up.  That’s the last thing he wants to do, Harry and Louis are two of his best friends, and they’re practically domestic partnershipped already, and it’s beautiful and all that, really inspiring or whatever, so no, of course he’s not trying to get between them, or steal Harry from Louis, because that’s ridiculous. You can’t steal a person, that’s called kidnapping and Paul’s given them extensive lectures on how to avoid that, no matter how interesting the candy looks and how much Niall wants to try it. 

So if maybe, once in awhile, Niall thinks that he might like to kiss Harry on the mouth, what’s the harm? He wouldn’t do anything about it, and even if he did, Harry wouldn’t kiss him back because he’s taken. 

“You’re taken,” Niall mutters into Harry’s neck.

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August 25, 2012


well, basically - 

“I’ve been fucked before, you know,” Harry says, “you can just get on with it.” Nick looks up from between Harry’s legs where he’s administering what he considered to be a very fine finger-fucking to see Harry roll his eyes. It is so(oooo) teen boy of him. Nick jabs his fingers in a bit rougher and Harry arches his back and moans, pushing back into it. “Yeah,” Harry says. He licks his lips. “Come up here.”
So Nick does, up there he comes to lie between Harry’s legs, and he only gasps a little when Harry grabs onto his cock to guide him in. Harry’s too eager now to even give him a filthy look or keep teasing, nothing left in his face but open need and honesty. Sensitive gentlewomen of the jury, I was not even her first lover, Nick thinks (it’s his last thought before everything is Harry, Harry, Harry).

& then

“Have you ever read Lolita?” Nick asks, stupid in the haze after an orgasm. The question hangs in the air like smoke (he wishes he had a joint). Nick rolls his eyes at himself so no one else has to. 
“Are you bringing this up to compare me to a twelve year old girl?” Harry says, eyes narrowing.
No, because feelings-wise that’s pretty much me, thinks Nick, but doesn’t say it, just raises an eyebrow and then ducks away, laughing, from the pillow Harry goes to hit him with. 

p.s. I would super be there but I can’t drink because I’m on antibiotics thus I am chasing other pleasures this eve. Hearts, anyhow: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

August 23, 2012
cuddlemonsters (ot5)


Well it’s just probably like, Zayn letting the haters get him down (valid!) and feeling sulky about it, staying in his room when the others want to go out. He’s set in for a good wallow, reading some pessimistic book or another, when Niall comes in and throws himself onto the bed next to Zayn, rolls in close so his head’s on Zayn’s lap, and blinks up at him like he’s gotten this far and it’s all on Zayn now to make a move. Zayn tries for a huff but it comes out as basically the fondest huff ever, even as Niall steals his book and marks his place (thoughtful, that one) and tosses it onto the side table before he shifts the rest of the way up Zayn’s body and settles in with a sigh, his arm around Zayn’s waist, one leg slung over Zayn’s. “Thought you were going out,” Zayn mumbles, ruffling Niall’s hair. 

“I am out,” Niall says, nuzzling Zayn’s collarbone. “This club’s amazing, innit?” He wriggles his hips, barely. “Music we can dance to and all that.” 

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August 13, 2012
pour a little salt. (niall/josh)


Really the best part is how they’re crowded close, if Josh is being honest with himself, which he’s drunk enough to be at this point.

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